Offshore and Marketing Section

Head of the Section: Dr. Smt. Smita Mazumdar, Superintendant of Fisheries

  1. Organizes and conducts six month training programme for fisher youths.
  2. Conducts short term training course for fishermen/entrepreneurs.
  3. Operation, repairs and maintenance of the fishing vessels for training purpose.
  4. Issuing Temporary & Biometric cards to the fishermen.
  5. Conduct Community Interaction Programme with the fishermen.
  6. Providing Financial Assistance on Goa VAT based subsidy on H.S.D. oil consumed by fishermen.
  7. Providing Finnacial Assistance for purchase of Life Jackets and Life Bouy for the fishing vessel.
  8. Maintaining vessel movement at major jetty ie Malim, Vasco, Cutbona, Chapora
  9. Matters pertaining to Coastal security
  10. Conducting patrolling along the coast of Goa


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