Aquaculture Section

Head of the Section: Shri. Chandresh Haldankar, Superintendent of Fisheries

  1. Implementation of RKVY Schemes.
  2. Implementation of NFDB Schemes.
  3. Deals with matters pertaining to Coastal Aquaculture.
  4. Operation and maintenance of Departmental Brackish Water Fish Farm at Ela Dhauji, Old Goa
  5. Operation and maintenance of Departmental Fresh Fish seed Hatchery at Anjunem, keri Goa.
  6. Matters related BFDA.
  7. Implementation of centrally Sponsored Schemes.
  8. Implementation of various schemes like processing, preservation and marketing and fish markets.
  9. Disposal of fish caught by Departmental vessel and fish catch at Ela Fish farm.
  10. Disposal of fish confiscated by patrolling squad.
  11. Periodical survey of fish markets for fish prices.
  12. Inspection of farms.

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