Enforcement Section

Head of the Section:

The Enforcement Section of the Department is involved in the following functions.

  1. Implementation of the Marine Fishing regulation Act.1980.
  2. Registration of canoes.
  3. Registration of fishing nets.
  4. Leasing of fishing stakes.
  5. Booking of offences and filing the cases with adjudicating officers.
  6. Year licensing of trawler for fishing.
  7. Inspection of around 1200 fishing vessels and 2000 canoes.
  8. Matter regarding sale. Transfer, inspection of lien, etc. in respect of the vessels.
  9. Conducting patrolling of the sea coast upto 5 Kms.
  10. Control and coordination of the extension staff such as Gramsewaks, Extension Officers placed at B.D.O. / Village level.
  11. Dealing with complaints regarding missing of boats, illegal fishing in rivers, illegal stakes etc.
  12. Monitoring of disaster management plan.
  13. Dissemination of information related to fisheries, etc.

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