Accounts Section

Head of the Section: Smt. Manisha Gaonkar, Assistant Accounts Officer 

  1. Deal with all Accounts matters.
  2. Preparation of Budget documents and monitoring of receipts and expenditure.
  3. Replies to Audit paras and queries.
  4. Maintenance of cash book.
  5. Disbursement of salaries.
  6. Reconciliation of expenditure accounts.
  7. Inspection and verification of receipts books maintenance at block levels.
  8. Matters related to loan and recoveries.
  9. Correspondence relating to P.A.C. matters.
  10. Outstanding audit matters.
  11. Preparing purchase bills, all subsidy cases, permanent advance, A.C./D.C. Bill etc.
  12. Works in connection with Income tax returns.
  13. Issue of fund availability certificate, placing of funds to departments.
  14. Preparation of salary bills, arrears of pay, G.P.F. advance bill, medical reimbursement and other related correspondence.
  15. Inviting tenders for purchases, disposals.
  16. Correspondence related to O.T., P.A. etc.
  17. Maintenance of EMOS, Security deposits, bank guarantee etc.
  18. Maintenance and issue of receipt books.
  19. Process all electricity, water and telephone bills and all other time bound bills of the Department.


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