Establishment Section.

Head of the Section: Smt. Dora Lobo e Fernandes, Office Superintendent     

  1. All Service matters of the Department staff.
  2. Matters relating to Confidential Reports.
  3. Vigilance matters.
  4. Disciplinary proceedings.
  5. Inward/Outward.
  6. Audit matter.
  7. Purchase of furniture, stationary, stock book registers etc.
  8. Purchase/maintenance of Department vehicles.
  9. Matters relating to disposal of unserviceable material.
  10. Lease of premises.
  11. Matters regarding creation/revival of posts, re-designation, recruitment rules.
  12. Matters regarding promotion, lifting of probation period, confirmation, regularization of Ad-hoc appointments, harness cases etc.
  13. Maintenance of roasters.
  14. Maintenance of leave records of staff.
  15. Grant of annual increments.
  16. Pay fixation.
  17. All advances of staff.
  18. Repairs, maintenance of office equipments.
  19. Maintain stores and stocks.
  20. Acquisition of assets.


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