Green House Solar Drying Platform


The turbulent seas and the monsoon fishing ban enforced during the monsoon period, causes scarcity of fresh fish on the lunch plates of local Goan populace. To satiate the desire for fresh fish during the monsoon season, fish is dried and consumed as a delicacy in Goa during this season. Usually, to reduce the post-harvest losses, the excess fresh fish catch is dried in the sun on open grounds such as roads, highways, beaches and near seashore, etc for about 3-5 days, the time depending on the type of fish and weather conditions. However, the method of drying of fish in the open is unhygienic as it attracts flies and other animals as well accumulation of dust.
Recently, solar green house driers (SGHD) have been used to reduce time for drying fish in a hygienic and eco-friendly environment. In addition, it plays an important role in reducing the post harvest losses, and getting good market prices for the final dried products.
The SGHD is a fully poly carbonated sheet which can be put up in open areas upon fish drying platform. The fish is dried on a non corrosive stainless steel shelf inside the solar dryer. The time is substantially reduced to less than half the amount of time required to dry the fish in open area. Further, the fish is dried and preserved by removal of moisture which subsequently arrests the growth of bacteria, action of enzymes and chemical oxidation of the fat. Also the SGHD can be used to dry spices, fruits, paddy grains, pulses etc.
The Department has procured a demo unit of solar green house drier from ATR Solar (Tamil Nadu, India), with an aim to generate the interest of the fishermen/entrepreneurs/fisherwomen/farmers to dry fish/grains etc. under hygienic conditions and as well as impart training to the fishermen/entrepreneurs/fisherwomen/farmers. All necessary arrangement required to maintain temperature and humidity is also being installed inside SGHD to adjust the temperature as per the fish/grains to be dried. Also, has provision for AC/ a DC exhaust fan has been made.
The solar drier is now installed and commissioned at Fisheries Training Center, Ela – Dhauji, Old Goa on 09/02/2022 exclusively for drying of fish with a capacity of approx. 500-600 kg of fish, at a time.