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On the basis of the recommendations, suggested by the aforesaid committee, the Directorate of Fisheries came into existence (vide Government Order No.DF-372-FYP-62-27 dated 2nd January 1963) and as such all the fishery activities in the district were for the first time effectively organized. The Department is headed by the Director of Fisheries, who in turn is assisted in his work by the necessary technical and administrial staff. The total strength of the staff in the year 1974-75 was 192. The current strength of staff is 201.
Consequent upon the establishment of the department, a survey of the fishery activities was conducted with a view to exploring and developing marine fisheries in the district on scientific basis. Financial assistance was rendered to the fishermen in the form of loan and subsidy for the purchase of marine diesel engines, construction of hull, purchase of fishery requisites like nylon twine, hemp twine, diesel oil etc.
In order to improve the socio-economic condition of fishermen and lessen their dependence on middleman a number of schemes for the development of the Fisheries Co-operative has been framed, under which financial assistance in the shape of grant of Managerial Subsidy, short and medium term loans and Government contribution towards share capital of the society is given.

Aims and Goals of the Department
 Increase the fish production in the State.
 Welfare of the fishermen.
 Manage and conserve the fisheries resources.
 Develop infrastructure facilities for Inland and Marine Fisheries.
 Develop storage and marketing infrastructure.
 Enact the MFR Act 1980 and Rules 1981 and 1982.
 Impart training to fishermen and fish farmers.
 Develop Aquaculture in the State.